Brief Resume of Jetendra Poorun:

Jetendra Poorun is the Director of Strategic Healthcare Management(SHM).He has a Bachelor of Business Science degree from the University of SA, a completed Advanced Project Management from Damelin and has an incomplete Pharmacy degree.He has spent the last ten years in private hospital management and focused management training.His consulting focus has been on productivity, performance and profit improvement which embraced strategic planning,process re-enginerring, organization structuring and management training

Introduction of Strategic Healthcare Management:

Strategic Healthcare Management (SHM) is a multidisciplinary healthcare management consulting company operating in South Africa Our core focus is on project management, healthcare facilities audits,healthcare facilties planning and design, commissioning of hospitals, re-engineering process, management contracts, turnkey operations, hospital management, feasibility & business models,hospital financial management,supply chain management,turnaround strategist and public and private partnership.

The aim of the company is to provide a comprehensive service, where the clients are able to contact with single entity for delivery on projects, thereby minimizing its risk exposure.

Our approach to every project is simple, they take responsibility for its success.At every stage, the service that they offer will be directed exclusively and impartially towards achieving that goal

Strategic Healthcare Management has the support of a large team of highly qualified and experienced professionals of diverse healthcare talents and considerable levels of management skills which we believe is the fundamental criteria for the successful delivery of every commision that they undertake.

We commit ourselves to work in partnership with Clients from the outset to assess the scope of the project, address the risk,establish clear objectives and implement the strategy for achieving the defined objectives.We undertake to provide all human and technical resources deemed essential to execute the commission through to a successful completion